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Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz (TRK), the innovative performance space at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, is happy to welcome on stage the LA-based dance company Kybele Dance Theater (KDT) and award-winning Turkish choreographer Seda Aybay, on Thursday, October 5 at 8pm.

By fusing contemporary dance with Turkish imagery, Kybele Dance Theatre awakens the audience with designs that accent the forgotten moments of life. With a diverse repertory that inspires, educates and provokes thought, KDT’s choreographic designs push the body to its limits. Moments of beauty and surprise are combined with the unusual and bizarre to create electrifying junctures on stage amidst fearless risk.
Choreographer Seda Aybay approaches movement with quick weight shifts, the use of momentum and gravity and refined versions of daily gestures. Her choreography showcases the power of story telling and built bridges between cultures and genders, while drawing upon her heritage to create innovative works. With the clean lines of classicism, the earthiness of modern dance and the gutsiness of contemporary, Aybay creates a show unlike any other.
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