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I get a lot of Facebook friend requests from bands and promoters in the Swing scene but I only friend people that I’ve met in person.

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94 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hey! What venue do you suggest to dance lindy hop for Saturday dec 18! There are different choices I saw but wasn’t sure if people were going to show up for dancing there.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      You’ll have to do that yourself on Facebook. This is just an informational website; we don’t put on dances.


  2. Hi Brian, I posted a flyer for Society for the Preservation of Dixieland Jazz – I just noticed that our feature band also has an event for this weekend – can you delete my post and I can repost after their event this weekend? (Also gives me a chance to fix the incorrect date in my post)….. Is that doable? So sorry I didn’t notice it before or I would have waited a couple days.

  3. Hi Brian, We’ve had a BAND CHANGE on November 13th at PBDA… The Band is now: The Moontones with vocalist Miss Kitty (instead of Jonathan Stout). Hoping you can make that change on your calendar. Thank you!!

  4. Hi Brian, did our post about the Soul-O-Ween work? When we try again it says it’s duplicate, but we don’t see the party added on Oct 30th. Please let us know! Thank you

    1. Hi Karine,

      So sorry! It got stuck in the spam filter! I’ve un-spammed it and I’ll add it to the Lindy Calendar. Many thanks for posting!


  5. The Mayflower on Sunday, Sept 26th has been canceled due to a film shoot. It will be rescheduled to a later date.

    This Sunday, Sept 19th is still on though.

  6. Music for dancing and listening
    Canoga Park Elks Lodge
    Osborne Street, Canoga Park
    Every Tuesday 11:30-1:30
    cover charge $15
    large dance floor
    2 singers, Nancy Osborne and Bill A. Jones
    17 piece Big Band
    Big Band Alumni
    Free parking
    Inexpensive food and drinks
    Everyone is welcome

    1. Hi Kate,

      Wow, thanks for the head’s up! Can you give me a link where I can get more info on it? I didn’t see anything on their Facebook page.


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