Downtown Disney

Rumble King at Downtown Disney

Almost every week, there are danceable bands that play outside at Downtown Disney. I will list “Downtown Disney” (which is outside the park and doesn’t require admission) separately from “Disney Fantasy Faire” (which is inside the park and requires admission) in…

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The Most Common Beginner Swing Dancing Mistakes

Any veteran swing dancer can spot the “newbies” right away by some tell-tale signs.  Avoid these bad habits and your dancing will look better immediately and more people will want to dance with you.  Here are the top mistakes that…

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Crazy Swing Aerials!

This is a random video I found on YouTube from 2007 but it has a good assortment of aerials… Love the helicopter at about 5 minutes (towards the end).

Strutter’s Ball

This is a popular Orange County venue usually featuring DJ’d music, but they sometimes have live bands. If you want to go dancing in Orange County on a Wednesday night, this is the place to be. Plenty of partners available,…

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The Best Local Bands to Swing Dance To

The California Feetwarmers at Union Station

Southern California has some great bands to swing dance to, from authentic 20’s and 30’s bands, to big bands, to jump blues and rockabilly bands.  We are spoiled!  Currently, it seems that 20’s/30’s Gypsy Jazz/Dixieland Jazz is all the rage…

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