Strutter’s Ball

This is a popular Orange County venue usually featuring DJ’d music, but they sometimes have live bands. If you want to go dancing in Orange County on a Wednesday night, this is the place to be. Plenty of partners available, from intermediate to pros. They also offer lessons, so check their website. Highly recommended!

Here’s the low down on the music and dancers at Strutter’s Ball from reader Byron:

It’s great! Here’s the breakdown

1. Music is great. DJ’s are done by a group whom I personally dub James Bianco & Friends. Andrew Jose, Juan Cuadra, and a a few others. I believe most swing dancers prefer this kind of music as opposed to some alternatives out there.

2. Dancers, there’s a good spread of dancers of all levels. It’s pretty populated… first two weeks have upwards of 60+ people coming out at a conservative estimate. Note for new beginners, there’s new locals coming by too so there’s more to learn alongside with. James & Irina primarily do the teaching and I actually think of them as the best/favorite teachers in my mind so I recommend this for people who want to go to lessons.

Hours are great, they go past 12am it looks like if it fits the mood.

Thanks Byron!!!

When: Every Wednesday with lesson at 7:45PM and social dancing from 8:30PM-midnight
Cost: $10-$15, might be more when live band is playing
Crowd: Beginner through very advanced dancers, lots of partners!
Dress: Casual
Facebook: Facebook Page
Women's Club of Orange: 121 S. Center St, Orange

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