Atomic Ballroom Irvine is the original location for Atomic Ballroom and is one of the cornerstone swing venues of Orange County. There is another location in Fullerton, listed separately.

This venue is attended by dancers of a variety of skill levels. On Tuesdays there’s the Balboa Room, with lessons starting at 6:30PM and dancing at 8:30PM.

Fridays, Atomic hosts “the most popular Swing night in Southern California” with lessons at 7PM at dancing at 8:30PM.

Included with admission on Fridays is Blues dancing upstairs from 10PM to 1AM!

The music and floor are good. Crowd is a mixture of young and old. There are always people to dance with! I highly recommend Atomic Ballroom if you’re in Orange County!

When:Tuesdays and Fridays, classes are at 7:00 and 7:45PM. The main dancing starts at 8:30PM. Blues dancing upstairs starts at 10PM on Fridays.
Cost:Tuesday is $8 Friday is $10.
Crowd:Intermediate through very advanced dancers, lots of partners!
Facebook:Atomic Blues & Fusion Lounge Facebook Group
ATOMIC Ballroom Irvine, 17961 Sky Park Circle, Irvine, CA 92614

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Reader Comments

Connie Rockhill says:

I would like to buy an annual pass for my daughter for swing dancing. How do I do that?

Brian says:

Hi Connie,

You should contact Atomic Ballroom directly.


Rose says:

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me information where children can take classes. Would love my kids to learn swing!
Thanks in advance!

Brian says:

Hi Rose,

Most swing dance classes that I’ve been in are all-ages. I’ve seen kids at PBDA for example. I’m sure Atomic is the same.

If you want a kids-only swing dance class, I don’t know of any. Please let me know if you find any and I’ll post them.


Barb Lorz says:

Hi, we are stuck at LAX on Sunday, Dec. 9th from about 9:30pm to 9:50pm and would love to dance. Any suggestions?

Brian says:

Hi Barb,

This Facebook group is exactly what you need:


Jeanie Yoshihara says:

When is your Lindy Hop class in Fullerton?

Brian says:

Hi Jeanie,

It looks like most of the swing classes are in Irvine, but there are a few in Fullerton, see here and stay tuned; I’m sure they’re planning more: