The Cicada Club

The Cicada Club in downtown LA is one of my favorite vintage swing dance venues. You really feel like you’re going back in time when you enter this amazing Art Deco space, which has been featured on many movies and TV shows. The bands on Swing nights are always authentic.

However, this is primarily a restaurant and bar. Check the Lindy Calendar to see what nights have Swing dancing.  Usually, it’s best to bring your own partner, but sometimes there can be many folks to dance with.

Dinner and dancing at the Cicada Club

There is a formal dress code, but for good reason – it would be a shame for people in shorts and t-shirts to ruin the 1930’s feel. Plus, can be fun to dress up once in a while, so bring your dance crew and give the Cicada Club a try! Front floor is somewhat small, but you can also dance on the marble floor upstairs which is usually empty.

When: Varies, see the Lindy Calendar on this site.
Cost: Varies, see the Lindy Calendar on this site. Sometimes there is a cover. Sometimes dinner is required, Other times not.
Crowd: Usually some intermediate/advanced dancers but most of the time it's safest to bring your own partner.
Dress: Definitely dress up for this! There is a dress code. Men must wear suit and tie. Women, cocktail dress or suit.
Cicada, 617 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014

5 thoughts on “The Cicada Club

  1. Hello! We have heard nice comments about your place, and would love to visit someday. I am curious about one of your entertainer……Johnny Crawford, Swing Dance band leader, and the well known child actor from TV’s Rifleman. I have been a lifetime fan. We met him in Kentucky around 2011. I have not heard anything about him in many months, on Facebook, nothing!! I even tried to FB Charlotte, his wife, no answers. I mailed him a birthday card in March to the PO Box address I had, it came back unopened. I am fearing the worst, although I have heard nothing. Do you have any information about Johnny? He is a wonderful person. I am in NO ways a reporter, screwball fan, nosy thrill seeker, Nothing of that sort. I am simply a longtime fan (raised in the City of Fort Worth Texas – a city that Johnny loves, and where I met him when I was 12!) I am very worried.

    1. Hi Carol,

      Thank you for your note; Unfortunately I don’t know anything more about Johnny Crawford. This is just my review of the Cicada Club. This isn’t their official page.


    2. Hi Carol,

      Just heard from Maxwell DeMille himself!

      “Johnny is still around often appears at the Cicada Club. No plans yet for 2019.”



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