Camp Hollywood

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Last updated on: July 10th, 2021
Camp Hollywood

Camp Hollywood is the biggest and best annual Swing dance event in Southern California. Dancers and instructors come from around the world to attend this celebration of Swing dancing, Balboa, Blues, and more. The popularity of Camp Hollywood has not diminished over time, and a solid attendance is expected!

There are classes during the day and contests and dances at night, plus late-night dancing till the wee hours of the morning. There are three huge dance floors in the main room and an additional floor for blues in a separate room.  Seeing how late you can stay up dancing is part of the Camp Hollywood experience. I think I made it to 4 AM last time.

You can either do the whole package including classes, or just do the dances. I probably wouldn’t recommend Camp Hollywood for absolute beginners (unless you are very ambitious), but it’s great for intermediate through advanced dancers. If you do the classes, you will be utterly exhausted, but your dancing will improve tremendously.

There are many contests throughout the day and evening, including team competitions, Jack and Jills, etc. The caliber of the competitors is is top notch.

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I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there! – Brian

Here’s a contest from 2017, as an example of what to expect:

Quick Facts

When: Once a year Friday through Monday on Labor Day Weekend, all day and night long
Cost: $25-$35 for the dances, full weekend passes available for the classes
Crowd: Some intermediate and many advanced dancers; intimidating for beginners, plenty of partners, usually more follows than leads though
Dress: Formal or dress according to the night's (usually wacky) theme.
Floor: Great wooden dance floor is installed over the carpet
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