The Most Reliable Swing Dance Venues in LA/OC

Lindygroove 15th Anniversary
Swing dancing at Lindygroove

Swing dancing is picking up again after the pandemic. Some places like Joe’s Bar are yet to re-open, but some new venues have blossomed.

So, we are still fortunate to have so many great places to swing dance in Los Angeles and Orange County. Here are my picks for the most consistent dance venues, where you’ll be able to find the most partners, the best floors, and the best music.

Venues with Tons of Dancers of All Skill Levels – Good for Beginners

These venues have plenty of dancers of all skill levels waiting to dance with you. No need for a partner, just show up alone! Most of these offer lessons before the dance as well. They’ll be folks waiting to dance with you!

  • Lindygroove happens on Thursday nights in Pasadena; it’s the biggest weekly swing dance event in California. If I only could recommend one place to go swing dancing, it would be here.
  • The Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association (PBDA) is another huge weekly event, with swing dancing on Saturdays with dancers of all skill levels and age groups.
  • Rusty’s Rhythm Club is the sole monthly swing dance venue on the Westside, featuring lots of dancers of all skill levels and ages. Check the Lindy Calendar for dates.
  • Atomic Ballroom in Irvine has tons of people to dance with on their Swing nights.
  • Old Towne Swing at the Woman’s Club in Orange County has a friendly crowd and happens on most Wednesday nights.
  • The Mayflower Club is a post-pandemic venue featuring many Swing dance events throughout the month with various promoters. Check the Lindy Calendar for the dates.
  • The Moose Lodge in Burbank is another post-pandemic venue, featuring some really great Swing bands every Friday night. Bar, snacks, and a descent-sized dance floor. They are every Friday night with doors opening at 7:30pm. There are lessons every week at 8:15-8:45 with the live music starting at 9pm. There are also DJs who come to keep the dancing going. (Thank you to reader Jean Rose for supplying this information).
Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association
The Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association

Venues with the Most Advanced Dancers

If you’re an advanced dancer, check out these joints, where you’ll find folks doing Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Shag. There are no lessons at these events.

  • Swingtronic at the Airliner in the Lincoln Park area northeast of Chinatown features gypsy Jazz and New Orleans Jazz bands on the first Saturday of the month.

Venues with Nightclub Atmosphere

These venues will have a lot of beginners along with a core group of veteran dancers in an elegant nightclub atmosphere. These are real bars serving alcohol and food. Please buy a drink to support swing dancing at the establishments!!!!!! These are 21 and over only.

Swing dancing at Clifton's
Swing dancing at Clifton’s
  • Clifton’s is an amazing restaurant and bar with swing dancing in the Brookdale Ballroom on Friday and Saturday nights. Mostly younger folks in their 20’s and 30’s.
  • Swingtronic (see above) has a vintage nightclub atmosphere.
  • The Edison is another amazing bar by the folks who brought you Clifton’s. This is steampunk heaven, with occasional swing bands once a month.

Formal Dinner and Dancing (BYOP)

The Cicada Club
The Cicada Club
  • The Cicada Club is an amazing vintage restaurant that will transport you back to the 1930s. It’s pricey, and you should bring your own partner, but the atmosphere is unparalleled. Note, there is a dress code, so you have to dress vintage or at least upscale.

These are only the weekly and monthly recurring swing dance events. There are many more swing dance events to choose from in a given week! Check the Lindy Calendar.

Questions? Comments? Leave your thoughts below! – Brian

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Scott Pitzer
Scott Pitzer
27 days ago

The update about Rusty’s Rhythm Club states the correct current “monthly” status but the ensuing details are the old Wednesdays-except-when-it’s-First-Fridays format

Jean Rose
Jean Rose
3 months ago

Hey! How about adding the Moose Lodge in Burbank? I have had some great beginners and intermediates to dance with. Has an open and fun atmosphere too! Bar, snacks, and a descent sized dance floor. They are every Friday night with doors opening at 7:30pm. There are lessons every week at 8:15-8:45 with the live music starting at 9pm. There are also DJs who come to keep the dancing going.

Jean Rose
Jean Rose
3 months ago
Reply to  Brian

Thank you!

6 months ago

awesome list
I wonder if there are any blues happening?

Benjamin Barrera
Benjamin Barrera
2 years ago

This is a great list! There’s also a monthly event at SoHo Dance in Westwood on the third Sunday of the month. Live band and I think it’s the best floor in LA. All ages and skill levels and you don’t need to bring a partner. Also a free ,beginner lesson before the dance and a more advanced lesson for $5.

3 years ago


I’m wondering when the top picture with the caption “Swing dancing at Clifton’s” with the tuba in the background was taken.


Jazz Lover
Jazz Lover
3 years ago

Thanks Brian, nice and informative! It’s good to see everything together with locations and descriptions. Swing on!

Jim clark
Jim clark
4 years ago

All the dates I see here are 2013
Doesn’t exactly breed confidence they will be there in August 2018

Gardena prose
6 years ago

all the best !!

8 years ago

Brian, There has been great swing dancing at the Disneyland resort for years. Downtown Disney is no more, but the swing dancing just moved back inside Disneyland park where it was originally. Every Saturday night with a live band.

Sailor Mike
8 years ago

Oh and don’t forget Swing Pit OC for some of the best music and dancers in OC, oh heck, in So Cal! Always a good time!