Where to Swing Dance Nationwide and Worldwide

One of the great things about swing dancing is that you can go to almost any major city in the U.S., Europe, and even Asia now, and go swing dancing and make instant friends.  It is truly an amazing thing if you’ve ever done it.  Here are some sites to check out if you are traveling and want to go swing dancing during your trip.


Los Angeles, CA

SwingDance.LA – Of course!

San Diego, CA

San Diego Swing Cats – Great swing dance calendar for San Diego.
San Diego Swing Dance Community Facebook Page – Good resource for events.
Alena Markins’ Quick Reference Swing Dance Event Guide for San Diego – The title says it all.
SwingDanceSD – Joel and Jackie Plys’ swing dance site has a calendar of their classes and events.

San Francisco, CA

Lindy List – The best swing events list for San Francisco

Ventura, CA

The Juke Joint at the Ventura Beach Club – Kim and Dave’s Swing night in Ventura!
The Starlight Swing Night – Swing dancing on Thursday nights.


Austin, TX

Austin Swing Syndicate – Swing dancing every Thursday night in Austin!

Boston, MA

Boston Swing Dance Calendar – Boston area swing events calendar
Boston Swing Central – The best swing dancing on Friday nights in Boston. My personal favorite Boston swing dance venue.
Uptown Swing – Boston swing dancing on Saturday nights

Chicago, IL

Windyhop – Great calendar of swing dancing in the Windy City!

Columbus, OH

Swing Columbus – Hosts dances and Lindy workshops and exchanges

Las Vegas, NV

Swing Dance Vegas – Swing dance info and calendar for Sin City!

Nashville, TN

Swing Dance Nashville – Has dances on Friday nights.

New York, NY

Swing 46 – The most popular (i.e., can be touristy) swing dance venue in Manhattan, located near the Theater District. Floor is small and can get really crowded on weekends.  Reminds me of a smaller version of The Derby, for any old-timer LA swing dancers out there.  Beware, the site has annoying music so don’t open it at work, haha.
This Week In Swing NYC – Great calendar of NYC swing dance events.
Yehoodi – National swing calendar and the mother of all swing forums

Providence, RI

Providence Swings – The best swing dancing in Rhode Island, every Thursday night and certain Saturdays! Friendly crowd.

Tampa, FL

Dance Happens – General dance website, with dance events (Lindy and West Coast) near Tampa, FL.

Washington D.C.

The Jam Cellar – Washington D.C. Tuesday night swing dancing
Jitterbuzz – Washington D.C. swing events.

DanceCal.com – Shows Lindy/Blues/Balboa/Tango exchanges around the country
Two Ply Swing – Swing events around the country including swing cruises and camps
Yehoodi – has a very comprehensive nationwide calendar of exchanges and workshops


Syd.SwingPatrol.com – Swing dancing, classes, and more in Sydney.
Mel.SwingPatrol.com – Swing dancing, classes and more in Melbourne.


Manchester Lindy – Swing dancing in Manchester, UK! They have a Lindy Exchange as well!
Swing Out London
– This is the place to go if you want to swing dance in the London area.  Beautiful, retro-inspired site design too.
Swing Patrol – Classes, workshops and Swing socials in London!
Swing Patrol Berlin – Classes, workshops and Swing socials in Berlin!


Phnom Penh Pswings – Amazing that there is swing dancing in Cambodia!!
Swing PlanIt – Comprehensive guide to swing dance camps, exchanges, and festivals around the world!

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  1. Swing dancing in Europe this summer? Since I will be in Croatia Jul 25-Aug 12, I am looking to continue swing dancing during vacation. I am looking at Swing Bled Dance Festival in Slovenia, Jul 28-31. Anyone from swing dancing community planning on being in Europe and want to meet up at the festival? Or other suggestions for a European swing event?

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