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Last updated on: July 10th, 2021
Lindygroove 15th Anniversary

This is the largest and most popular weekly Swing dance event in Southern California (and perhaps the whole country?). It is the place to go swing dancing on Thursday nights. People drive from as far away as San Diego and Santa Barbara to dance at LindyGroove on a normal night. There are plenty of people to dance with of all skill levels, especially the 20-something crowd (unlike a lot of other weekly Swing venues that have mostly older folks). The vibe is very informal.

DJ’s are sometimes flown in from around the country. The music is sometimes a bit on the slower, “groovier” side, good for improvising and slow Lindy (some love it, some hate it). But lately there has been more variety and a good mix of music. Floor is nice and big.

A new welcome development is the side dance room, called “The Lab”, where they often play Blues music, or other non-Swing music. It can be fun to stretch your limits here.

They also have fantastic beginner and intermediate classes before the main dance.

Don’t miss their special events, like their famous Haunted Halloween Ball:

Lindygroove's 2018 Haunted Halloween Ball
Lindygroove’s 2018 Haunted Halloween Ball

Parking has changed in the past few years, and unfortunately the parking garage across the street is off-limits, but check this page for the latest parking info.

Note, this is a hard core swing dancing venue; there is no bar and no band to watch (except for special occasions).  It’s all about dancing. Not a good place to bring non-dancer friends (unless they want to take the lessons, which are excellent). If you want to dance, Lindy Groove is the place to be!

Quick Facts

When: Thursdays, Beginner and intermediate lessons 7:30-8:15, general dancing 8:15-12 midnight
Cost: $8 (can be more for special events like Halloween, which was $12 with costume/$15 without)
Crowd: All-ages. Beginner to advanced, plenty of partners available. Check out photos of the amazing <a href="">2008</a> and <a href="">2009</a> Halloween Parties!
Dress: Super casual, unless it's a special occasion like Halloween
Floor: Huge wooden dance floor
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