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Reader Comments

I produce a cabaret rooted in ballroom and have a short list of rotating and wonderful dancers that I work with, creating a fresh experience for audiences every time. I’m looking for a couple of lindy hop / swing dancers who might be somewhat new to performing, but would do a good job, are nice people, and are up for performing improv to four songs. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested, or would like to recommend someone.


Brian says:

Hi Lisa,

You may want to post your request here:


Audra says:

Hi! Every year I look forward to Dancing Under the Stars at Paseo Colorado on Friday nights. I can’t find information about it anywhere this year… Do you know if it has been discontinued? 😕


Brian says:

Hi Audra,

Great question! I used to love that event also! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any info for it this year either, so it doesn’t look like it’s happening. If I learn differently, I’ll put it on the calendar. Let me know if you hear anything.


Can you please post on the calendar of events?
Thank you!
Jason Fabus

Brian says:

Hi Jason,

Yes, already on the calendar!