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Reader Comments

Ron Crosthwaite says:

I went to the MIXX in Pasadena last night to see Crown City Bombers listed on the site as 8:30 to 12:30 with no cover. Shows don’t start there until 9. There is no cover but the staff told me there is a 2-drink minimum. Thanks for your work on the site. I use it a lot to find places to dance.

identicon Brian says:

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the report! I’m dependent on the bands and promoters to supply me with info, which unfortunately is not always completely accurate. I appreciate the head’s up!


Hebah says:

Hey! Your site has been super helpful. I’m totally new to the scene and am completely in love with some of the solo dance styles. I am particularly interested in learning solo dances like solo jazz. Is there any place you would recommend for lessons and just to get out on the dance floor and test out moves I’m learning from videos??

identicon Brian says:

Hi Hebah,

Welcome aboard! Where to go for lessons and dancing highly depends on where you live.

Around Pasadena, there is Lindygroove and PBDA.

In downtown LA, I recommend the Lindy Loft.

On the West Side, there is Rusty’s.

In North Hollywood/Burbank, I recommend Steve Sayer’s classes.

In Orange County, there is Atomic Ballroom.

More details here:


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