The Grove/Original (Fairfax) Farmer’s Market

West Side / Mid City
Last updated on: April 26th, 2022
Swing dancing at the Original Farmers Market to Dave Stuckey and the Hot House Gang

The Original Farmer’s Market on Fairfax features live bands, some of which are great Swing bands performing outside right beneath the clock tower! Surface is smooth concrete – surprisingly good to dance on considering.

I love the atmosphere of this L.A. landmark. It’s one of my favorite outdoor dance events!

Quick Facts

When: Occasional evenings, approximately 5-7PM (varies)
Cost: You'll need to pay for parking, plus please buy food or drink so they continue to have swing bands
Crowd: Swing dancers will show up to the more popular bands; otherwise BYOP
Dress: Casual
Floor: Smooth concrete; it's not as bad as it sounds

Original Farmers Market

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