Casa Del Mar

Casa Del Mar is an upscale beachfront hotel in Santa Monica. They have a beautiful vintage lobby which sometimes hosts bands like Barbara Morrison and Leftover Cuties. There is no dance floor, but management doesn’t seem to mind people dancing in the aisles, which have marble tile.

This is not a regular swing event, so definitely bring your own partner. Usually when the Leftover Cuties play, there are some folks to dance with, but there are no guarantees on that.

Leftover Cuties at Casa Del Mar

Also, if you go, please have dinner there or at least buy a few drinks. This is not a regular swing dance venue; it is a hotel lounge/bar/restaurant. If too many swing dancers show up without buying anything, they won’t want to host swing bands in the future.

I suggest going a bit early and having dinner in the lounge. That way, you’ll secure a good table for the whole night.

This is a great date spot, by the way.

The only feasible parking is valet (unless you are ridiculously lucky and get street parking). Cost is $17 but they do validate it down to $7 if you buy food or drink. Don’t park at the beach like I did – the gate gets locked and your car will be stuck there for the night! If you want to try to find free parking, I suggest Main street a few blocks away.

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