Angela Tini’s Rhythm Romp at Zebulon L.A. 🔥

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Angela Tini’s Rhythm Romp at Zebulon L.A.

Big Rhythm & Blues Revue coming to Southern California!

Announcing a two-night run of a big R&B Revue we are presenting in both Los Angeles and Newport Beach:
Angela Tini’s Rhythm Romp at LA’s Zebulon plus Campus JAX.

It’s the Rhythm & Blues event of the season!
This time we make it twice as nice by doing it Two Times – once in Los Angeles at Zebulon Café Concert (Sat. 3/16) and again in Newport Beach at Campus JAX (Sun. 3/17). Both start at 5 and when the doors open at 4, you’ll have 4 hours of dance floor time!

You won’t want to miss this killer combination of West Coast talent:
Shanda & The Howlers (Las Vegas)
Angela Tini(Seattle)
PLUS a tribute to the legendary Women of Rhythm & Blues featuring Dani Colace, Traci Green, Shy but flyy and Miss Kierra Brie – all backed by Angela Tini’s All-Stars, featuring Carl Sonny Leyland.

We also have the fabulous DJ Dr. Nate to keep you on your toes and moving all evening, 4 to 8 pm

Tickets will go fast! Make sure to get yours now…

Posted by chris burkhardt on 01/18/2024

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