Eva and the Vagabond Tales at Downtown Disney!

Monday, March 27, 2023

Eva and the Vagabond Tales at Downtown Disney!

Note: band in image might not be the one playing at this particular event.

Come watch my band, Eva and the Vagabond Tales, today and into the night at Downtown Disney. Finish the night with some fireworks! We play from 6:30-10:10, and you don’t need a Disney pass to attend (free to the public!)

Posted by Brian on 03/27/2023

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About the Venue: Downtown Disney

Before the pandemic, Downtown Disney used to host quite a few danceable bands. They are starting to come back now. I don’t have exact set times so if anyone finds out, let me know.

Parking is not free, but you can get validation if you purchase something, which I encourage you to do. DTD Management did a survey and found no increase in merchant revenue on Swing nights. Let’s keep swing dancing alive at the Disneyland resort, whether it is inside the park or outside.

Quick Facts

When Thursday nights and certain other nights, usually 6 or 6:30 to 10PM
Cost Event is free but parking is not. Also, please buy food or drinks at one of the restaurants to keep swing bands playing here!
Crowd Large group of beginners and regulars. All-ages of course!
Dress Casual
Floor Concrete

Downtown Disney

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