Flat Foot Frolic – A Swingin’ Dance Floor Fundraiser for the Mayflower Club in North Hollywood 🔥

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Flat Foot Frolic – A Swingin’ Dance Floor Fundraiser for the Mayflower Club in North Hollywood

This fundraiser at the Mayflower Club will be lots of fun and filled with Lindy Hop Goodness! We’ve had some great times and danced this floor out, so it’s time for a new one. Lets Dance our way towards a slick NEW dance floor!
100% of proceeds will go to the Mayflower Floor Fund!

You can start the evening with some Smooth Hollywood Style swing classes:
7:00 Beginner friendly Smooth Lindy class
7:45 Intermediate Smooth Lindy class

Then, stay for the Lindy Hop Social at
8:30 for some great DJ’s Swing music

We’re here to raise funds, so the classes and social dance are each offered for a (recommended) separate donation.

Recommended donations:
$10 per class
$15 for the social dance

The Mayflower Club is an incredible historic building and a local institution. How many of you have had incredible dances and made incredible friendships here?
Dig deep and support a great cause!

Posted by Jerry Jordan on 03/19/2024

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About the Venue: The Mayflower Club

The Mayflower Club is a British-American Social and Networking Club that was originally a gathering place for British expats but is now open to everyone. It’s located on Victory Blvd. in North Hollywood, southwest of Burbank Airport.

The Mayflower during Swingin' Soul Night
The Mayflower during Swingin’ Soul Night

One Saturday a month, Steve Sayer hosts his popular Swingin’ Soul Nights featuring a lesson and DJ’d Soul music, but many Lindy Hoppers show up.

Most evening events are $20 or $15 for members. You can become a member by paying the membership fee ($35 as of this writing) at the door.

The Woody James 16-Piece Big Band plays most Friday afternoons from 1 to 3 PM. Cover is $10. Note, the afternoon performances don’t have a huge number of dancers; these are more for listening. Bring your own partner if you go to an afternoon performance and want to dance!

The venue also has a full bar. Evening dances are 21 and over, but we’ve never been carded.

The bar at the Mayflower Club
The bar at the Mayflower Club

Quick Facts

When Steve Sayer's Swingin' Soul Night is one Saturday per month, there's a big band on Friday Afternoons as well
Cost $10 for big band Friday afternoons, evening dances are usually $15 for members, $20 for nonmembers. You can become a member by paying at the door. The online membership link doesn't work.
Crowd Evening dances have a good turnout of Swing dancers. 21 and over. Friday afternoon performances don't have a lot of dancers, so BYOP!
Dress Vintage or casual
Floor Smooth tile, not slippery enough to do slides
Website The Mayflower Club
Facebook Page

11110 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606

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