No More Juke Joint at Paladino’s

Yet another beloved Los Angeles area swing venue will be no more at the end of summer 2009. Kim and Dave’s Juke Joint at Paladino’s Lounge hosted some of the best dancers in the early 2000’s. Dave Frutos is in my opinion the best swing DJ around. I have lots of great memories of this place, and of taking my first swing lessons from Kim and Dave when they taught at the Derby. Check it out while it’s still around!

Here’s the Facebook posting from Kim:

In 1999 David and I were working at the Derby. At the time the only places to socially Lindy Hop in the LA area were the Derby and Pasadena Ballroom. So David and I decided to open the first ‘ hosted by Lindy hoppers for Lindy Hoppers’ club venue. We called it ” Kim and Dave’s Juke Joint. Ten years later we are closing our doors. When we started the club in Tarzana….that part of the city was considered Reseda , the building was called Jitterbug Lounge and was a west coast Swing venue on all the other nights (as apposed to the cover band leaders it is today). There have been many changes since then, and David and I want to thank all of you for being part of those changes in one way or another — Thank you for building a family away from family environment with us…Thank you for sharing in everything from good party times to 9/11… Thank you for 10 great years.

***In the meanwhile….we don’t plan to close until the end of the summer 2009. Its the clubs 10th anniversary and we plan to go out partying.From May 26th and on we will be open every Tuesday night for the summer. At the end of August we plan to have a big last day 10th anniversary blow out as we close our doors for good. That means you have 14 nights left this summer to come say goodbye, dance with friends and enjoy David’s awesome music! Once again, Thank you for the dances….support, but mostly for family and friendship .

6101 Reseda Blvd
21 and over with ID

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