Thank You for Posting Your Event

Thank you for posting your flyer or event details on the home page of SwingDance.LA! Give me a day or so to post your event on the Lindy Calendar.

In the meantime, your event should appear on the home page feed below the calendar in reverse chronological order of event date.

For each post you submit, a unique page is created. You can share the page URL and use it to promote your event. Just click on the title to reach this page.

If you don’t see your event, you might have accidentally entered a date in the past. Past events are automatically hidden. Check the archives to see if the date was entered erroneously.


What event date should I use if my event spans multiple days, like Camp Hollywood?

Just create it for one day, then message me on this page and I can make copies of it for subsequent days.

Why don’t I see the event on the Lindy Calendar?

I need to approve events manually to appear on the Lindy Calendar. If it’s been a couple of days and you still don’t see it, you can contact me below. Note that only events that have Swing dancing in Los Angeles and Orange County will be approved for the calendar.

Questions about your post? Contact me here:

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