UCLA Ballroom Dance Club

UCLA has a ballroom dance club that holds swing dances about once per quarter, usually with a live band, Swing Inc. These usually have mostly students and staff of UCLA, with a few West Side locals. Go if you’re nearby and want to meet some new people. Bring your own partner if you want to do anything advanced.

Parking is a little bit tricky now that there is so much construction going on. Only certain lots let you pay; the rest require a UCLA parking pass.  Structures #2 and #8 are probably your best bets.

Kerckhoff Grand Salon is also a bit hard to find.  Go to the main quad and head due East. After Ackerman union, the building on the right is Kerckhoff.

UCLA Kerckhoff Hall

Keep going and make a right to go around the back. Go through the outdoor dining area, and you should start hearing the music. Check out this interactive campus map for more details.

When: Occasionally, about once per school quarter
Cost: Varies
Crowd: Mostly beginners, UCLA students and staff
Website: UCLA Historical Ballroom Dance Club
UCLA, Los Angeles
Location varies. Use this interactive UCLA map to find the building.

2 thoughts on “UCLA Ballroom Dance Club

  1. Hello. Would you mind if two of us came to visit on Monday, March 2, to check out your activity before signing up for the next session?

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