The Bungalow Santa Monica

The crowd is mostly twenty-something non-Swing dancing West-siders, so definitely bring your own partner. But, it’s worth it because the Feetwarmers are excellent and the semi-outdoor ambiance is very charming and even romantic. Floor is patio decking, almost like a pier. Some dancers hate this surface; I didn’t mind it. Don’t wear heels, or they will fall through the spaces between the boards. Bring a friend and show off in front of the civilians!

As I pointed out, this is not a traditional Swing dance venue.  It is a bar and restaurant. They depend on people buying drinks and food for revenue.

Also, the Feetwarmers don’t play their traditional repertoire here. It’s more of a country vibe with slide guitar and so forth. They’re still good, but it’s totally different from what you would expect from their Swing dance gigs.  You have been warned!

When: Tuesday nights, 9-11PM
Cost: You might need to pay for parking (i.e., garage on Second street). Buy a drink or food to keep swing dancing happening at this place!
Crowd: 20-something West-siders who don't have a clue about swing dancing, so bring your own partner!!!
Dress: Not super strict, but you should dress somewhat upscale, as if going to a nightclub. Dressing vintage will impress the natives!
Website: Bungalow Facebook Page
Facebook: California Feetwarmers Facebook Page
Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows,‎ 101 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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