Vintage Erik and Sylvia Instructional Balboa and Collegiate Shag Videos Unearthed!

Wow, these videos showed up in my YouTube feed and they sure bring back memories of Swing dancing in the late 90s and early 2000s. I remember when Erik and Sylvia had almost celebrity status in the L.A. Swing scene and I’ve always admired their style. Even though these videos show very basic steps, their style shines through.

I hope you enjoy these instructional videos by Erik and Sylvia!

Erik and Sylvia’s Beginning Balboa

Erik and Sylvia’s Intermediate Balboa

Erik and Sylvia’s Beginning Collegiate Shag

Erik and Sylvia’s Intermediate Collegiate Shag

Erik and Sylvia’s Advanced Collegiate Shag

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1 year ago

those are my videos!

John Williamson
John Williamson
1 year ago

Thanks to all who came to The Atomic Roots Orchestra Show at the Moose Lodge in Burbank on Friday 10-14-22. It was a “Ball” . Thanks to Raz for putting it on.

Gene Hashiguchi
Gene Hashiguchi
1 year ago

Erik and Sylvia did have celebrity status in our local swing scene. After all, they starred on Broadway in New York.