Santa Monica PierAre you new in town? Visiting? We are so glad you are here and looking to go swing dancing!  In my opinion, the LA/Orange County area has some of the best swing dance events in the country (or the world!)

The bad news is that the LA/Orange County area is vast, and public transportation is not that great (although that is slowly changing). You’ll probably need a car to get around, unless you happen to be staying near a swing venue (the highest concentration is in Pasadena for some reason).

I recommend reading this article first: The Most Reliable Swing Weekly Swing Venues.  This will tell you which venues almost always have lots of people to dance with, so you won’t need to bring a partner.

Next, check out the Lindy Map to see where there is swing dancing near you.

If you want to know which bands in L.A. draw the biggest crowd, check out this article.

Of course, you should take a look at the Lindy Calendar on the front page to see which events are happening during your visit.

Feel free to introduce yourself on the LA Lindy Hop Facebook Page or on the chat box on the front page of this site, and maybe see if you can bum a ride from a local swing dancer. Hope to see you out dancing! – Brian

p.s., for more information on fun things to do in LA, check out my other site!

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