New Features on SwingDance.LA for Promoters and Dancers

The Lindy Calendar on SwingDance.LA

As Swing dance events have been picking up, I’ve done some major under-the-hood modifications to SwingDance.LA which I hope will be useful to Swing promoters and dancers. For Promoters A Better Way to Display Flyers One thing that has bugged me for a long time is how the flyer feed under the Lindy Calendar on the Home page worked. That used to simply be a blog comment form. The problem is that the entries were paged so that if I set the page to display ten entries, it would display up to ten entries, then on the eleventh, display only…

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What Shoes Should I Wear to Go Swing Dancing?

Men's and women's vintage-styled shoes at Remix

Whenever I invite my non-Swing friends to go Swing dancing, one of the most common questions they ask is, “what kind of shoes should I wear?”  I’ve interviewed my Swing dancing friends and drawn from personal experience and observations to provide some answers here. Using Your Existing Shoes If you’re going Swing dancing for the first time or just starting out, maybe you don’t want to buy new shoes just for Swing dancing just yet.  Here are some guidelines on choosing the best shoes to dance in from your existing shoe collection. For Women Avoid high heels or spikey heels. Pick a shoe…

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