Key Info for Battle of the Big Bands!

Battle of the Big BandsThere have been several emails sent by Battle of the Big Bands with good info about the event. I’m re-posting them here for your convenience:

Hello dancers –

Due to the MASSIVE response to this event we are hoping you are all patient and understanding on Saturday upon arrival.  There are many strings to pull together for setup and we are planning to open the doors at 7:00pm for those of you interested in the lesson or arriving early to get seating.  If EVERYTHING is in place by 6:45pm we may start allowing dancers in but no promises.

There will be a PRE-REG line clearly marked – if there is an overflow, please line up outside the facility.  You will enter, your name will be checked off (please print your Paypal receipt just in case), and you will receive a wristband for entry to the main hall.

*** Please claim a ‘seat’ for the evening where you will keep you bag, towel, shoes, etc.  We want/need maximum dance floor space so no bags, towels, etc along the outer perimeter of the main floor.

There will be 3 main seating areas upon entry:
1)  Main Floor Auditorium seating – blue chairs – approx. 300
*** PLEASE bring a towel, shirt, etc to lay over the chair you occupy
*** PLEASE move toward the center and work outward to aisles

2)  Upstairs Balcony seating – approx. 300
*** Again, PLEASE bring a towel, etc & work from center outward

3)  Main Floor seating at tables – approx. 80-90
*** Some of these tables will be clearly marked for performers, specials guests, etc – PLEASE be respectful of that reservation.

We do not expect you to stay in your seats at all, yet to keep the floor clear we will all need to work together to find a space and be ready to ‘cut a rug’ the rest of the night.

We are holding 3 levels of lessons from 7:15-8:00.  Again, please be patient and ENJOY your time with these teachers.  Due to 3 classes happening at once there will be no microphones so please gather in close to your teachers to hear the advice they have on the cool moves planned for you.

If you are NOT in the lesson, we kindly ask that you take conversations outside so the lessons are not interrupted.

When a performance is scheduled – our MC, Maxwell DeMille will direct you accordingly.  You may go to your seat OR get settled on the main floor for the best view – with 600+ dancers we again will need to work together to keep the flow of the evening steady.

THANK YOU for your support already and we look forward to seeing you at this Saturday’s Battle of the Big Bands.

George, Dean, and the BotBB crew!!!


Hello Music Lovers:

Thank you once again for purchasing advance tickets for this Saturday’s big show.  We have nearly 600 advance reservations and surely more will be attending (tickets will be available at the door – cash only)!  Here are some details to assist you in the BotBBs experience:

1)  Arrive early & Carpool if possible – PARKING diagrams have been posted on the Facebook event page:

2)  Doors open at 7pm, the dance lessons will begin shortly thereafter.  There will be three lessons: Beginners (Shesha & Nikki), Intermediate (Ben & Sheri) and Advance (Steve & Chandrae)

3)  Please DRESS TO IMPRESS – the venue is climate-controlled – but it will be SWINGIN’ and HOT, no doubt.  Bring a towel and extra shirts.  Jeans are discouraged, Tshirts acceptable (especially after sweating through your dress shirts or dresses).

4)  Bottled water, snacks and GG/DM CDs will be available for sale (cash only).

5)  We will have vendors (Remix Shoes, Jessica Hojo and Loco Linda) displaying their specialities all evening.

5)  GEORGE GEE’S first set is scheduled to begin promptly at 815pm.  Your presence is kindly requested no later!  Shortly thereafter DEAN MORA will take the stage and then BOTH BANDS on stage at the same time for the BIG BATTLE FINALE SET!

6)  DJ Heather Eide will spin in-between and some selected dance performances (Hollywood Hotshots, Steve and Chandrae’s California Jubilee Shag Team, Atomic Ballroom Lindy Hop Colliders, San Diego’s Hang Ten Hoppers plus a Big Apple combined finale!) during the brief intermissions.  But don’t worry, there will be PLENTY of SOCIAL DANCING available all night long!


He is looking forward to winding down a little the next evening (Sunday, June 30th) at Maxwell DeMille’s CICADA CLUB and Swingin’ in a more intimate setting with all his social friends!

He hopes you consider joining him for his debut at Cicada’s spectacular swanky Big Band hotspot!  Your continued support of LIVE MUSIC is greatly appreciated.

As a special offer to BotBBs advance ticket holders, please use the promo code “GG5OFF” at for a special discount of $5 off the $15 Cicada Club advance ticket.  Expect a mostly different dance program – to also include some romantic ballads featuring the rich baritone of John Dokes along with their usual HOT Savoy Ballroom-style Big Band jump tunes!


See ya on the dance floor this weekend,

Thank you in Swing,

George Gee, Dean Mora and the BotBBs Team



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