The Onyx Lounge

UPDATE: There is no longer any dancing here unfortunately (from the California Feetwarmers FB Page):

We will not be at the Onyx Lounge in downtown this Thursday, nor will we be there for the foreseeable future. Due to permit constraints and silly city regulations, bands and dancing aren’t allowed at the Onyx. Big thanks to everyone who came out on a Thursday night these past few months and to the staff/ownership at Onyx. Downright decent people all around!

This is a pretty cool restaurant/bar in downtown LA where the California Feetwarmers hold court every Thursday night (or at least, most Thursday nights).

Many of the regulars here are hard-core fans of the Feetwarmers who used to see them every Thursday night at the Gorbals, before that shut down.  Many people in this crowd also go to Joe’s Bar in Burbank.  They come out to socialize as much as to dance, and usually dress up a bit.

The Feetwarmers play mostly fast music, so Balboa is the dance of choice, but they do play some slower numbers as well.

The restaurant management clears out a surprisingly large area to dance.  It’s interrupted by a massive column in the middle of the floor, but not much can be done about that.  The floor itself consists of mismatched colors of marble tile, somewhat sticky in spots.

There are plenty of automated parking lots along Spring street for around $5. You can find street parking if you go southwest, but that gets you into Skid Row really fast, which is a bit scary.

The Onyx Lounge exterior

Note that this is a restaurant, and that no cover is charged, but that doesn’t mean it’s free.  So, if you do come out, please purchase a drink or have dinner here.  They have good drinks and food.  Please don’t just show up, take up space, and not purchase anything.  The management has been very nice to Swing dancers, and we want to return the favor and have this night be financially successful for them as well.

Also, please dress up, at least a bit! This is a nice downtown restaurant/bar! Let’s show them how classy Swing dancers can be!

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