Swingtronic at Pour Vous

Don’t be misled by the plain white building across the street from Paramount Studios. When you walk into Pour Vous, you will be transported back in time to a turn-of-the-century Parisian cocktail lounge. On your right is a circular conversation pit topped by a translucent white dome. In front of you is a spectacular bar serving French-inspired drinks. Past that is a small dance floor and stage with velvety-couches. The back opens up into an outdoor area with an actual full-sized vintage trolley car(!) where people can smoke or just hang out.

That was the setting for Electro Swing Club Hollywood the day before Thanksgiving, November 21st 2012. The music and crowd did not disappoint either. There were some old-school swing dancers from the Derby days, as well as newcomers and LA hipsters, mostly dressed upscale vintage. I don’t think even the most conservative Lindy Hoppers were put off by the DJ’d electronic music, or by the live band, Red Light District. Everything was danceable and people seemed to be having a great time. It reminded me of a crowded night at the Derby.

Red Light District at Pour Vous
Red Light District performing at Pour Vous November 21st, 2012

About the only bad thing people had to say was that it was TOO crowded. The place was totally packed. It was difficult to carve out a dance space, even for Balboa. People ended up dancing in the conversation pit area, as well as on the main floor.

Pour Vous has an enforced dress code – vintage or upscale. Almost all of the guys were wearing tie with vest or jacket. Some people might find this a downer, but I think it really contributed to the ambiance of the place.

swing dancing at Pour Vous
More dancing at Pour Vous

Swingtronic happens at Pour Vous the first Wednesday of every month. Admission is free, so come on out, buy a drink, do some dancing, and have a crepe! – Brian

When: Now a monthly event on the first Wednesday of the month
Cost: No cover, but please buy drinks or a crepe!
Crowd: Well-dressed vintage hipsters and Swing dancers
Dress: Vintage! Definitely dress up for this
Website: Swingtronic Facebook Page
Pour Vous

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