After being away for three years, I wondered if the annual LindyGroove Haunted Halloween Ball would still have the great turnout, creativity, and fun that previous LindyGroove Halloween parties have had.

Well, I am happy to report that the answer is “yes” on all counts!

When I got there, there was a pretty significant line to get in, which gives you an idea of the turnout.  Once I got inside, the decorations blew me away.  They had definitely taken the decor to the next level this year, with more colored lights, ceiling decorations, and pumpkins than I had ever seen in previous years.  It looked awesome inside!

LindyGroove Halloween

Happily, the enthusiasm and creativity of the costumes has not waned over the years either.  The winner of the costume contest in the individual category wasJo Ann’s “woman carrying her own head”.  Benny’s costume on stilts was awesome too.  The “shower scream” pushed the limits of costume danceability.  In the group category, I personally liked the Toy Story characters, Batman villains, and Austin Powers gang.  Also memorable were the Mac computer and filmstrip.  Oh, and how can I forget the silver biplane from “King Kong”?  There were so many other great ones!

LindyGroove Halloween Costumes

I estimate that a whopping 90% of the people or more were in costume. I think the percentage keeps increasing from year to year. Admission was $10 with costume, and $13 without.

There was no discernable “theme” to the costumes as there have been in some previous years (for example, when a particularly popular movie influenced costumes, i.e., lots of pirates a few years ago).  Variety was the theme this year, which is great.  I’m a big fan of “Breaking Bad”, so I was delighted to meet a “pregnant” Skylar White who wished me an “A1-day”!  Inspiration for the costumes came from everywhere, including some obscure shows that I didn’t know about. Regardless, the costumes were awesome.

LindyGroove Halloween Costumes

I was glad to see that the “Thriller” Halloween dance tradition is alive and well at Lindygroove.  I didn’t realize that it was choreographed by Ben Yau!  They teach it before the dance, so be sure to go to the lesson next year!

LindyGroove Halloween Thriller Dance

The Lab was there too, with some great Blues music and dancing!

LindyGroove Halloween Blues

Note that parking is at a new garage north of the Masonic Lodge (on the same block).  Remember to validate and it will be free.

small_IMG_7720So, what else can I say?  It was an awesome night!  Someone I danced with said she wished it was like this every week.  I agree!  Thank you Lance, Vicky, and the LindyGroove crew for putting on such a fantastic party each year!  I’m looking forward to next year already!

What was your experience at the 2013 LindyGroove Haunted Halloween Ball like?  Please leave a comment below! – Brian