Web Design: LA Lindy Hop is Now a Fully “Responsive” Site

For any web geeks out there, I have finished making the LA Lindy Hop site fully “responsive”.  To see what that means, try re-sizing this browser window to a very thin size (say, the width of a cell phone).  Go ahead, I’ll wait…


You’ll notice that the contents smooshes (yes, I am making that a real word) and eventually some stuff completely disappears to accommodate the thinner size.  Most notably, the right column disappears, the top menu gets compressed into one button, and the Lindy Calendar changes from seven columns to one column with all past days no longer shown!


Of course, the reason for doing this is for compatibility with cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices of various widths.  LA Lindy Hop should be usable on a cell phone without having to zoom and pinch (let me know if you find issues).  The beauty is that the same site can be used for desktop and mobile, instead of having to maintain two (or more) sites.  This is currently a hot trend in web development.


I still have the separate LA Lindy Hop Mobile site up, because I know quite a few people use that though.  Maybe it will go away some day, but not now.


Anyway, LA Lindy Hop has been a labor of love for me, and doing it taught me so much about web development.  Hopefully, it has been useful to some swing dancers out there too.  Let me know what you think.  What else should I add?


See you on the dance floor!

– Brian 12/14/2012

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