The Sky Room


NOTE: The Sky Room is closed for two years of renovations now. I look forward to when it re-opens in 2020! – Brian

The Sky Room is a spectacular vintage restaurant on the top floor of the historic Breakers Hotel in Long Beach with a magnificent view. Completed in 1926, the space has a great 20’s and 30’s vibe; you’ll feel like you’ve gone through a time machine back to that era. It’s one of the most romantic restaurants in Southern California.

Jack's Cats at the Skyroom
Jack’s Cats at the Skyroom

The Sky Room entranceOn Fridays and Saturdays they sometimes have a live band, “Jack’s Cats”, “The Swing of Things” or “Sylvia Rodriguez and the Rhythm Boys”. Read a full review of the Sky Room here.

The surrounding area around Pine Avenue is actually pretty nice and worth a walk.  You can see the Queen Mary from the nearby Pine Avenue Pier.  More details on Pine Avenue are here.

This is a restaurant, so plan to eat there or at least have drinks or dessert.

Definitely bring your own partner. Bring someone special! – Brian

When: Occasional Fridays and Saturdays
Cost: Varies, it is customary to buy dinner or drinks at least.
Crowd: Bring your own partner!
Dress: Upscale dinner attire
The Sky Room, 40 South Locust Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802

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