Weekly Swing Music is Coming to the Cicada Club in 2019!

Jack's Cats at the Cicada Club

3/3/2019 UPDATE: The Cicada has been closed for a week for filming (something that occurs frequently there). Unfortunately, I don’t know the fate of the free Swing dance nights with Jack’s Cats after the filming. There seems to be some hesitation in re-starting them. Stay tuned for more information when I get it! – Brian

In exciting news, Jack’s Cats has announced that they’re starting a three-night-per-week residency at the elegant Cicada Restaurant, one of the most authentic Art Deco venues in Los Angeles, and one of my personal favorite places to dance! Their nights will be part of Maxwell de Mille’s Cicada Club and will start on January 31st, 2019.

And in a late development, dinner purchase is not required and there will be no cover on those nights!!

Jack’s Cat’s will be playing on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday nights.  Band leader Jack Malmstrom told me that it will be a great honor for them to be featured as the house band for the Cicada Club on these nights. This is a large expansion into even more Swing dancing at the club.

Other Swing bands will continue to be featured on Saturday nights.

12/23/2018 UPDATE: Dinner purchase is NOT required, contrary to what I was originally told!! So, no cover and no dinner required!!!  But, please buy drinks and consider buying dinner if you do go!

I’ve dined at the Cicada many times. On nights with live swing music, the Cicada Club will feature a special three-course dinner menu. A la carte ordering is not available on nights with live music and dancing.

The Cicada Restaurant

The Cicada Restaurant has been featured in numerous TV shows and movies, serving as an ideal authentic location for shows set in the 1930’s up to the modern day, including Mr. and Mrs. Smith:

Swing Dancing at the Cicada Club

There is usually ample space to dance. There’s a wooden dance floor downstairs in front of the band surrounded by dinner tables. Upstairs, there’s a grand bar with a danceable floor in front of that.

The Cicada Club
Swing dancing at the Cicada Club

There are often many folks dancing, but it’s definitely safest to bring your own partner, or better yet, come with a group.

The Cicada Restaurant is an elegant supper club, so there is a requested dress code of vintage or formal attire. Men should wear a jacket and tie.

Check it Out

If you haven’t danced at the Cicada Club before, there will be lots of opportunities in 2019 to experience it. If you don’t have someone to go with, get a group together and reserve a big table!

Cost of dinner is typically around $59 per person plus tax and tip, which is pricey, but the Cicada is really an amazing place to dine. I highly recommend it, if you have the means.

Ferris Bueller so choice

But even if you don’t, you can still enjoy the Cicada Club for the cost of a drink or two! – Brian

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  1. Thanks for Post!
    Located in one of the last original Art Deco buildings in downtown LA, the Cicada Club hosts a weekly Vintage Era Swing Night every Sunday. The Oviatt Building was built in 1928 and was once home to upscale men s department store Alexander and Oviatt, thus the decor is reminiscent of that time and Oviatt s love for French design and architecture. The club opens on Sunday nights at 6 pm for dinner and dancing. Each week a different live band appears from 8:30-11:00 pm with authentic 1930 s music. Be sure to take note of the club s formal dress code which has men wearing a coat and tie and women wearing cocktail dresses, skirts, or pants suits. The cover charge is $10 unless you dine at the restaurant. Valet is $7 or you can opt to park in the nearby garage or on the street. A partner and prior dance experience are both optional.

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