Follows: Nine Tips to Get Leads to Ask You To Dance


A while ago, I wrote an article entitled, The Top 10 Worst Things Leaders Do on the Social Dance Floor. This attracted lots of comments and discussion, which was great. Some follows asked for a similar article about the worst things follows do on the dance floor. However, as a lead, I’ve never experienced anything nearly as bad as what the follows have reported to me about the leaders! I felt that perhaps a different type of story for the follows could be helpful, mainly how to get more leaders to ask you to dance. Many of these are things are probably obvious to experienced…

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Beginners, learn how to swing dance quickly

If you are a beginner and want to take some kickass swing dance lessons, I suggest checking out the Lindy Academy progressive lessons every Thursday right before Lindy Groove in Pasadena.  Why do I recommend these lessons?  First, the instructors, Ben and Jasmine, are award-winning awesome swing dancers and have a really fun style.  Second, the lessons are right before Lindy Groove, so you’ll get ample opportunity to practice what you’ve learned.  (It is very difficult to retain what you have learned without practicing).  Finally, since the cost of admission is included, it’s a steal.  So, why not start the…

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The Most Common Beginner Swing Dancing Mistakes

Any veteran swing dancer can spot the “newbies” right away by some tell-tale signs.  Avoid these bad habits and your dancing will look better immediately and more people will want to dance with you.  Here are the top mistakes that beginner swing dancers make. 1. Taking Huge Steps This is probably the most obvious sign of a beginner- someone who is taking huge steps from side to side and/or on the rock-step.  Experienced dancers take small steps!  It looks better and is much more graceful and smooth.  Plus, you’ll bump into fewer people on the dance floor and expend less…

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Top Ten Tips to Becoming a Great Swing Dancer

Paladino's Lounge

Are you a beginner, eager to do the cool moves you see everyone else doing, but you only know three moves? Here’s my advice to beginner swing dancers on how to get good fast: 1. Go social dancing as often as possible! Just taking a lesson once a week won’t cut it. You’ll forget everything you learned before the next lesson. When I started I was a total fanatic and went swing dancing four or five times a week. OK, maybe you don’t have to be that insane, but you should go out at least twice or three times a…

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