A Look Back at Ben and Sheri’s Epic “Footloose” Performance from NJC 2005

Ben and Sheri's Footloose performanceI’ve seen a ton of really awesome choreographed Swing dance routines in my time, but one of my all-time favorites is Ben and Sheri’s amazing first-place “Footloose” performance at the 2005 National Jitterbug Championships at Camp Hollywood.

No, this routine is not packed with aerials, stunts, or gimmicks (other than using modern music).  Ben and Sheri have incorporated classic Swing moves throughout the routine that fit the song perfectly.  Personally, I think this settles the debate about whether Swing dancing can be done to modern rock/pop music or not.  Ben and Sheri prove it can be, and they make it look awesome at the same time!

I’ve never heard a Camp Hollywood audience cheering louder than they did for this performance.

You can find Ben and Sheri at their monthly event in Pasadena, Third Saturday Swing, and they also give lessons! For more info, read my 2013 interview with Ben and Sheri!

What do you think of Ben and Sheri’s choreography and performance? Do you think we should Swing dance to modern music? Please leave a comment below! – Brian

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Thelda Lowery
Thelda Lowery
9 years ago

They were truly great. I loved them.