The Edison

This is one of the most incredible spaces in LA. Built in a renovated 1910’s era power generator station, The Edison has an Steampunk feel that transports you back to a time before fluorescent lights.

They have DJ’d swing music sporadically and occasionally a band you can Swing dance to (usually the New Recessionaires).

You should bring your own partner, as you might not find many other swing dancers here, but lately there have been quite a few dancers. You’ll be able to show off in front of LA’s trendy bar-goers who don’t have a clue about dancing and will stare at your Balboa skills in amazement.

Floor is polished cement which is pretty slippery in men’s dress shoes, just be warned.

Dance floor at the Edison

Amazingly, there is usually no cover charge to this incredible space, but please buy food or drink if you go, as they will not continue booking Swing bands if we go and don’t buy anything.

Parking is $10 in the gnarly garage down the alley or $5 if you are willing to walk a little further.

There is a mild but strictly enforced dress code – collared shirt for men and dress shoes required. No athletic wear. You will get rejected if you are wearing Keds or other non-dress shoes. (I have seen people bring in Keds in a bag and put them on inside… so far, management has not caught on).  So, dress up to avoid getting denied at the door.

Bar at the Edison

On weekends, get there before 9PM to avoid the line. Check out my review of the New Recessionaires at the Edison in 2012.

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