Review: The Edison with the New Recessionaires


On Thursday, December 27th, I joined a group of swing dancers who Lindy-bombed The Edison to the tunes of the New Recessionaires!

Turnout was good and at times the dance floor was packed.  There were some really excellent dancers there, along with some beginners just trying to get by.  I personally like the Recessionaires, which include a few former members of Royal Crowne Revue, and the musicianship was excellent.  I liked the song choices as well, mostly 20’s/30’s themes with some originals.  Tempo was accordingly fast (a lot of Bal), but there were some medium tempo songs thrown in and one Latin number.

The Edison itself is one of the most amazing bars in L.A. and it was great to dance there.  Beware, the floor is polished cement and is actually very slippery, so plan accordingly.

While it was fairly easy to find people to dance with this night, on most other nights I would recommend bringing a partner or group to dance with, even when a Swing-danceable band is playing. Check the LA Lindy Hop calendar before going to make sure it’s a Swing night (usually on Thursdays). The band stops at 11:30PM, so don’t get there too late.

Amazingly, there is usually no cover at the Edison, however, it costs $7 to park in the adjacent parking garage (warning – it’s pretty gnarly in there).  Drinks are expensive, but they have to make money somehow, so I can’t complain! – Brian

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