LA Lindy Hop Pick: Let’s Lindy Bomb the Edison on Thursday!!

If you’ve never been there, The Edison is one of the most incredible public spaces in Los Angeles.  Frequently the setting for steampunk and other unique events, the Edison is lit with glowing incandescent lamps and populated with huge extinct furnaces and electrical generators.

A group of swing dancers is going there on Thursday, December 27 to LINDY BOMB the place!!  The band is the New Recessionaires, which includes former members of Royal Crown Revue and will be swing-danceable.  Let’s show these LA hipsters what swing dancing is all about!

The band starts at 8:30PM and has three sets.  While I don’t expect it to be insanely crowded, it’s best not to arrive too late, as a line can form as the night goes on.

The floor is smooth concrete, so bring the right shoes for that surface.

Note, there is a mild dress code, so dress up!  Dress vintage!  Leave a comment if you need a ride, or have anything else to say about this event!  Let’s show the Edison that swing dancing is alive and well in L.A., so they’ll schedule more swing bands.  See you there!  – Brian

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