Third Street Swingers at Tongva Park Santa Monica

This group started out dancing at Third Street Promenade, but now we mainly dance at Tongva Park in Santa Monica once a month on Sunday afternoons during the summer.

Surface is smooth cement and wood beams, not bad for outdoor dancing.

Music is provided by DJ Fons on his portable sound system. Bring your favorite songs to play if you wish! Dancing is at the north side of the park at one of the “balcony” areas facing Ocean Avenue.

When: Occasional Sunday afternoons (check the calendar), hiatus during the winter, usually 4:30-7PM
Cost: FREE!
Crowd: Swing dancers of all levels
Dress: Very casual outdoor wear; dress up if you want to impress.
Website: Events are announced on Facebook
Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA

4 thoughts on “Third Street Swingers at Tongva Park Santa Monica

    1. Hi Kayleah,

      This is on hiatus for the rest of the year, but we will be having outdoor swing dancing in downtown Culver City on November 8th (not on the calendar yet, though).


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