Camp Hollywood 2013Here is a bucket list for LA/OC Swing dancers. No, I haven’t done all of these, but I figure it’s a good list to strive for. How many have you done? Check the boxes and see your percentage below! You can check off a few of these items this weekend at Camp Hollywood!

You’ve done 0% of the Swing Dancer’s bucket list!

Leave your score in the comments!

And just to be clear, for the ones that involve learning choreography, I mean knowing the choreography well enough to do it in front of someone right now, not just taking the class once, or only being able to do it when led, or when watching the person in front of you do it. Because, yes, we all “know” the Shim Sham, but how many of us can do it in the front row without watching anyone? Same thing for the Big Apple and California routine.

What items are on your Swing bucket list? I know I missed a bunch. Comment below and I’ll add them to the list! Oh, and if you have better YouTube links than what I’ve provided, let me know! – Brian