Hip Kitty Jazz

NOTE:This venue is CLOSED!

This is a “bring-your-own-partner” night club that serves fondue and has a funky 60’s style in the old Claremont packing house with wood floor. It’s not primarily a dance venue. There is a smallish dance floor in front of the stage, enough for 5-6 couples. If there are no dancers they will put tables in that space. There are usually a few dancers for bands like Phat Cat, Barrel House Boys, Tim Gill All Stars, Flattop Tom, etc. who have a bit of a following. Only suggested if you bring your own partner or live close by and are willing to go out of your way to ask a regular to dance.

When: 8PM to midnight certain days of the week
Cost: Varies
Crowd: Bring your own partner
Dress: Nightclub casual
Website: www.hipkittyjazz.com Website has very annoying music so lower your speaker volume before clicking!
Hip Kitty Jazz & Fondue, 502 West 1st Street, Claremont, CA 91711

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