Do Something Blue

Do Something Blue
Do Something Blue

If you are into Blues dancing, this monthly event in Pasadena the place to be at. As a swing dancer primarily, I was skeptical about Blues because I tend to like fast music, but the DJ’s here play some great blues music, and blues dancing is easy to learn compared to Lindy Hop (but not easy to master!) Get out of your comfort zone and give this a try (take the beginner lesson first). Crowd is friendly. – Brian

Check out the website for parking information and, if you would like company to your car, don’t be afraid to ask someone at the front desk!

When: Quarterly on Fridays, lesson at 8:30PM
Cost: $10 (more if live band)
Crowd: Beginner to very advanced blues dancers, plenty of partners available
Dress: Casual
Facebook: Facebook
Fred Astaire Dance Studio‎ 740 E. Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91104

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