LA Lindy Hop Pick: Electro Swing Club Hollywood Night #3!

If you’ve been following my articles on LA Lindy Hop, you know that I’ve been pretty excited about Electro Swing.  Judging by the turnout at the last Electro Swing Club Hollywood event, many of you were too!

Electro Swing Club Hollywood is back for night #3 on Friday December 21st!  It’s at a secret location, so you’ll have to check with their Facebook page, closer to the event, but they will say it’s on Sunset near La Brea.  (See comment below for location!) There will be electro swing DJ’s as well as the same band as last time, Red Light District.  Admission is $5 between 9 and 10PM, and $10 afterwards.

I know there are some swing purists who are appalled by this desecration of swing music.  And I’m glad those people are around, because we absolutely should preserve swing music.  But at the same time, wouldn’t it be great if there was another swing dance craze like the one in the late 90’s?  Many look down on neo-swing bands like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, but it was neo-swing bands like those that had a big part in revitalizing interest in swing, which got us hooked and then enabled us to go back and discover what “real” swing dancing was about.  Instead, trends seem to indicate that partner dancing is on a slow decline now, though it might have bottomed out.

So, is Electro Swing going usher in another big swing revival like we saw in the late 90’s?  Probably nowhere near as big, but it’s the most exciting thing in swing dancing that I’ve seen for a while that has any kind potential for mainstream appeal.

Back to the event…  Please note that “fancy attire is required”, and everyone was totally dressed up last time, so be warned.  Most guys had suit and tie, or at least vest and tie.

If you’ve never heard electro swing music, check out this track by Caravan Palace

I’m excited about Electro Swing Club Hollywood Night #3!  See you there!

Did you go to the last Eletro Swing night?  What do you think?  Leave a comment below  – Brian 12/16/2012

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10 years ago
Reply to  Brian

Hey Brian, can you tell me more about the swing dancing that goes on at this event? Can you lindy to this?

10 years ago
Reply to  Brian

No Brian! When is your next event?