New Features on SwingDance.LA for Promoters and Dancers

As Swing dance events have been picking up, I’ve done some major under-the-hood modifications to SwingDance.LA which I hope will be useful to Swing promoters and dancers.

For Promoters

A Better Way to Display Flyers events feed events feed always showing the latest event first, and hiding past events

One thing that has bugged me for a long time is how the flyer feed under the Lindy Calendar on the Home page worked. That used to simply be a blog comment form. The problem is that the entries were paged so that if I set the page to display ten entries, it would display up to ten entries, then on the eleventh, display only one flyer, hiding the rest on a separate page. Of course, no one would ever go to the second page of entries.

To fix that, I made the comments their own custom post type with a user-submitted posts form. All flyers would become WordPress posts. That way, I could always display the last ten flyers submitted, for example.

It then dawned on me that if I just asked for the event date, I could display the events in chronological order of the EVENT date instead of the date the comment was submitted! That was huge because then I could show the next event at the top of the feed, and hide all past events! Much better than before!

Better Events event
Example of an event displaying a user-submitted flyer

Once I had this new post type for event flyers, it then occurred to me that these posts had almost everything I needed to put them on the Lindy Calendar. So, with a few refinements, these flyer posts submissions became actual calendar events!

Of course, I do approve each submission before they go on the calendar, and it requires just a few clicks and maybe modifying the event description a bit, but this is much easier than the old way, where I had to create a whole separate event for each submission.

Another cool thing is that the promoters’ event flyers now appear if you click on their events in the calendar, along with the event descriptions they submitted!

So, promoters and dancers, please upload those event flyers!

Promoters, Promote Your Events for Free

SwingDance.LA is usually the number one result for any Google search related to Swing dancing in Los Angeles (and it usually shows up on the first page of many Swing dance searches in general). So if you want to promote your Swing dance event for FREE, definitely post it on this site! Your flyers will be seen by more dancers with these latest updates.

For Dancers

The Flame Icon 🔥

The "I'm Interested" button
The “I’m Interested” button

Since every Event now had its own page, I decided to add a hit counter so everyone could see how many people viewed that page. From there I thought, why not add kind of a “like” button where dancers could signal that they were thinking of going to this event? That became the “I’m Interested” button that you now see on each event post.

I realized that I could use this information to gauge how dancers would show up to a particular event. As a dancer, I was always looking for events with the most dancers!

Events with the flame icon on
Events with the flame icon

So, I had the idea of adding a flame icon 🔥 to those events with a lot of post visits and presses of the “I’m Interested” button. By the way, button presses count as five visits, so press the button if you want the flame icon to appear!

I’m still tweaking the exact formula to display the flame.

Upcoming Events on Venues Pages

Upcoming events at the Mayflower Club
Upcoming events at the Mayflower Club

Having real Events pages means that I can put Event info elsewhere on the site. Now, if you visit a venue page, like the Mayflower Club venue page, you’ll see upcoming events at the Mayflower Club right in the sidebar!

Content and “Quality of Life” Updates

I’ve made a bunch of other updates, including using a better commenting plugin, adding social sharing buttons, better text contrast, better search results pages, and so on. Some of the info was getting seriously out of date so I’ve been updating that as well. Please let me know about any content corrections or updates that are needed in the comments below!


I hope these updates are useful to you. I’ll continue tweaking. Let me know what YOU want to see on this site in the comments below! – Brian

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Tamara Stevens
1 year ago

Thanks for all this, Brian! We just realized (thru YOUR site) that our PBDA April 30th Swing Dance with Carl Conny Leyland’s Boogie Woogie Boys didn’t get on the calendar (because it somehow didn’t get on our pbda website!). It’s listed there now, so can you list it on yours too asap? Thanks again, we appreciate you.

Joe DeAmicis
Joe DeAmicis
1 year ago

Brian, you are an invaluable resource to our dance community. Whenever I meet someone new to swing dancing I invariably tell them about as the “bible” for what is happening. As a community we thank you big time!

1 year ago

Thank you Brian! This website is such a great resource for our community!

Jennifer Stockert
Jennifer Stockert
1 year ago

Wonderful improvements! I mean, I loved it before, but these are great, helpful changes! Thank you, Brian!