Leftover Cuties Playing at Casa Del Mar in May!

My first exposure to the band, Leftover Cuties, was at a backyard swing party where I heard a song that seemed vaguely familiar.  When the chorus came, I realized it was Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”, but done with ukelele, acoustic drums and upright bass!  My friend, Amy, told me the band was “Leftover Cuties”.  After that, I was hooked.  The rest of the CD was excellent.

Lead singer and ukulele player Shirli McAllen has a beautiful sultry voice.  She is backed by Austin Nicholsen on bass/ukulele, Stuart Johnson on drums, and Mike Bolger on piano, trumpet and accordion.  They are definitely danceable, and amazing to listen to.

I immediately looked them up online and found out that they are playing two more gigs in May, at Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, on Friday May 17th, and Friday May 31st.  They are getting pretty famous and going on a nationwide tour after that, so I don’t know when they’ll be back!

I will be at gig on the 17th later in the evening and on the 31st for the whole show. There will be some dancers there, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring your own partner.

We always complain about the lack of venues on the West Side, so here’s our opportunity.  Don’t miss this great band before they get too famous and are no longer accessible in these small venues!  Oh, and did I mention these shows are FREE?!! – Brian

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