Swing Dancing Halted at Clifton’s for Two Weeks

Swing dancing at Clifton's
Swing dancing at Clifton’s

UPDATE 3/8/2019: It was announced on the Clifton’s Irregular Regulars page that Swing dancing is back at Clifton’s! Sailor Mike will be DJ-ing tonight with The Fabus Four featuring Natalie Mendoza playing tomorrow. Let’s hope it lasts! Original story below. – Brian

It was announced on the Clifton’s Irregular Regulars Facebook group (a fan group not officially affiliated with Clifton’s) today that “Swing music and dancing would not be happening for 2 weeks”. The reported reason was to revamp the sound system.

That Facebook group, started by David Kan, has been by far the best source of reliable information on Swing dancing at Clifton’s.

Many of us who have been attending Clifton’s are worried that this two-week break in Swing dancing could become an indefinite hiatus for Swing bands there, given that Swing dancing might not generate a ton of income for the venue.

Clifton’s is a truly unique and wonderful venue, offering Swing dancing with great live bands in a nightclub environment. Since it’s also a bar and nightclub with other more traditional DJ rooms, it’s a place where non Swing dancers might be introduced to Swing dancing for the first time.

Those of us who love to Swing dance in an upscale nightclub with live bands will be hoping for the return of Swing dancing there after two weeks, but none of us would be surprised if it was halted for longer. We’ll see what happens. For the latest, join the Clifton’s Irregular Regulars Facebook group, and stay tuned here! – Brian

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