Swingtronic at Pour Vous to Try Earlier Start Time at 9PM

Marshall Watson’s Swingtronic at Pour Vous is one of my favorite weekly swing dance events. The 1930’s Parisian decor, the great Gypsy-jazz bands, and the amazing dancers are why I love this event. They also have great drinks and crepes!

The only problem for me and other dancers I’ve talked to, has been the late start time. DJ’d music would start at 10PM with the band going on at 10:30 or often closer to 11PM. Difficult on a Wednesday night for a lot of folks!

Deep conversation at Pour Vous
Deep conversation at Pour Vous

So, I’ve been Facebook messaging with Marshall a bit, and he’s decided to try out an earlier start time. He’ll start playing DJ’d music at 9PM, with the live band going on at 10PM! So, you can start dancing an hour earlier than before! I personally could go for an even earlier band start time, but hey, I’ll take this!

Now it’s up to us whether this earlier start time will stick or not. Will this earlier start time allow you to make it to Swingtronic more often? If so, come on out!!! Some of the best dancers in Southern California will be there doing Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and Lindy Hop. Let’s make this a permanent change!

Birthday dance at Swingtronic at Pour Vous
Birthday dance at Swingtronic at Pour Vous

And when you go, please support the bar by purchasing something. That’s only way this event can happen. When I don’t want to drink alcohol, I request a non-alcoholic version of one of their drinks. I usually get the one with ginger in it. Please support the bar!

The bar at Pour Vous
The bar at Pour Vous

And, how many swing dance venues have an authentic vintage trolley car in the back where you can hang out?

Vintage trolley car
Vintage trolley car

Swingtronic at Pour Vous will have DJ’d music at 9PM with Bon Bon Vivant (Gypsy/New Orleans jazz) from New Orleans starting at 10PM on Wednesday June 6th, 2018.

Swingtronic happens every Wednesday night except the last Wednesday of the month. Pour Vous is located at 5574 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038.

Will you go to Swingtronic more often with the earlier start time? Please let me know in the comments below. – Brian

One thought on “Swingtronic at Pour Vous to Try Earlier Start Time at 9PM

  1. Hi Brian, I love your involvement with the community and your encouragement of getting people to participate not just in showing up, but the bar. Thanks for sharing those things with everyone. Some things that I personally enjoy about Marshall’s night are the bands he brings, the familiar faces you can always catch up with, the amazing Crepes out back by the trolley, the drinks and that one of the few late-weeknight events you can go to and catch a live band without a cover. It’s a great late night hang without the mad rush of the weekend crowd. Will it get me out more often, not really, I go when I’m in town, between gigs/tours and able to. But if it gets more people out, cool! I personally would love to see more late-late night events during the week. Enjoyed the write-up, Brian. Marshall, thanks for keeping your night going all these years. :)

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