Swing Dancing is Back at Clifton’s (phew!!)

Clifton's Cafeteria
Clifton’s Cafeteria

Swing dancing has returned to Clifton’s after a brief hiatus, to the relief of many Swing dancers.

I waited for two consecutive weekends of Swing dancing there before publishing this, just to be sure it was true!

Many Swing dancers, including me, enjoy Clifton’s because it offers Swing dancing in a night club atmosphere. It’s a place were non-Swing dance civilians can encounter real Swing dancing for the first time!

Clifton’s features live Swing bands on Friday and Saturday nights. Admission is $10 after 10PM on Fridays and after 9PM on Saturdays.

There is a “secret” guest list that gets you in free if you sign up in advance. Join the Clifton’s Irregular Regulars Facebook Group and look for announcements about the guest list for the next event.

Anyway, go and enjoy! – Brian

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Barbara Burbank
Barbara Burbank
4 years ago

Very excited to learn about this. Love swing dancing.