Atomic Ballroom Fullerton Opening in August 2018

Atomic Ballroom Fullerton

In exciting news for the Orange County dance community, Shesha and Nikki Marvin, owners of Atomic Ballroom in Irvine, are opening an additional location in historic downtown Fullerton on August 1st 2018! The venue will be called Atomic Ballroom Fullerton. Previously at that location was Fullerton DanceSport Center. It was also the home of Inspiration Weekend, the largest annual swing dance weekend in Orange County. Atomic Ballroom will be retaining the DanceSport Instructors and adding them to the Atomic family. Nikki Marvin said she first discovered what was then called the Imperial Ballroom in 2006 when she and Shesha were…

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Swingtronic at Pour Vous to Try Earlier Start Time at 9PM

California Feetwarmers at Swingtronic at Pour Vous

Marshall Watson’s Swingtronic at Pour Vous is one of my favorite weekly swing dance events. The 1930’s Parisian decor, the great Gypsy-jazz bands, and the amazing dancers are why I love this event. They also have great drinks and crepes! The only problem for me and other dancers I’ve talked to, has been the late start time. DJ’d music would start at 10PM with the band going on at 10:30 or often closer to 11PM. Difficult on a Wednesday night for a lot of folks! So, I’ve been Facebook messaging with Marshall a bit, and he’s decided to try out…

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Grand Central Market DTLA

Vignes Rooftop Revival at Grand Central Market

Grand Central Market is one of the coolest places in downtown LA, in my opinion.  It’s got a great selection of food, from Mexican to Thai to Italian and has a great energy. So, it’s also one of my favorite places to go Swing dancing! During certain times of the year they have Sunday Jazz Nights, occasionally featuring bands that you can Swing dance to! Previous examples have included the California Feetwarmers, and more often, the Vignes Rooftop Revival, both great bands to Balboa/Shag to! Check the Lindy Calendar for times. Parking is easy either in the parking garage ($5…

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Why You Need to Learn How to Swing Dance in 2019

Lindy Loft Swing dancing

Are you making any new year’s resolutions this year? Here are my top reasons why learning how to Swing dance should be at the top of your list in 2018. 1. It’s Insanely Fun What is your idea of a fun Friday or Saturday night? I guarantee that once you learn how to Swing dance and really “get it”, it will replace whatever you were doing before. You’ll have more fun and meet more people. No alcohol required. 2. It’s Social As a regular Swing dancer in L.A., I can walk into almost any Swing dance venue here and people…

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The Best Collegiate Shag Videos on the Internet

Live Collegiate Shag with Kendall Roderick

Shag (or “Collegiate Shag”) is a partner dance that is done by a good number of Swing dancers in Los Angeles and Orange County, usually to fast music from the 1920’s or 30’s. A little while ago, I saw a video on Facebook from an Instagram feed called Live.Collegiate.Shag. It was a short clip of local Swing dancer Kendall Roderick doing Shag. I was intrigued so I went to the Instagram feed and was amazed to find that it was full of high-quality Shag videos! The videos are produced by Kendall with the help of her husband Ronnie and guest…

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Exclusive Interview with Rusty Frank on the 20th Anniversary of Rusty’s Rhythm Club!!

Rusty Frank

If you live on the West Side of Los Angeles like me, you’ll know what it’s like to constantly have to drive all the way to Downtown L.A. or Pasadena to go Swing dancing. For some reason, the West Side and beach cities just can’t seem to hold on to Swing venues. The one exception is Rusty’s Rhythm Club, a cornerstone of the L.A. Swing scene that is an oasis for Swing dancers on the West Side.  It’s celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special event at the Automobile Driving Museum on Sunday October 1st (more on this below). Its…

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“Alive and Kicking”, Film About Swing Dancing, Gets Rave Reviews From Dancers and Mainstream Media

Alive and Kicking

Director Susan Glatzer’s Alive and Kicking, a movie featuring many well-known local and national Swing dancers, is getting great reviews among swing dancers and in mainstream media. As of this writing, it has a 98% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes with 187 user ratings. L.A. Times film critic Sheri Linden gives it a positive review, saying “the jaw-dropping improvisations and physical intimacy of the dancers make it an action film par excellence — joy-fueled and gravity-defying.”. Hollywood Reporter critic John Defore writes, “the action Alive and Kicking captures is so transfixing, one marvels that dancers can keep it up for five…

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The Pacific Crossroads Church Great Gatsby Ball

1930's Party

UPDATE: The Great Gatsby Ball was a huge success with about one hundred people attending from Pacific Crossroads Church, Vintage church, and other churches plus friends! We were so excited by the turnout! For info on future PCC swing dance events, join our Facebook group here: Some of you have asked me for a playlist of the songs that were played that night.  Here it is! Many thanks to all who attended, as well as to our volunteers and to Pacific Crossroads Church! – Brian p.s., if you have any photos from this event, could you post them in the…

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Find the Perfect Dress for Swing Dancing at Loco Lindo

Finding authentic clothing from the 1940’s is not easy: it can take a lot of time and the pickin’s can be slim. Plus, clothes that old can be fragile. So, I’ve asked local vintage fashion dress company, Loco Lindo, to talk about the vintage-inspired dresses they design and make for Swing dancers. This is not a paid article – I asked them to talk about their dresses as a public service to the Swing dance community, and because I’ve seen many dancers wearing their dresses!  So, without further ado, here it is! Find the Swing Dress of Your Dreams at Loco Lindo Loco Lindo offers…

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Review: Phat Cat Swinger Plays to a Packed House at the Edison

Phat Cat Swing at the Edison, December 29th, 2016

On Thursday, December 29th, 2016, the “little big band” Phat Cat Swinger played to a packed dance floor at the Edison in Downtown Los Angeles. It was my first time seeing Phat Cat Swinger, and it was the most crowded I’ve ever seen the Edison on a Thursday night. I admit – I was skeptical about how much I’d like Phat Cat Swinger, even though I had heard good things about them. The name alone conjures up memories of of neo-Swing bands in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  Currently, this style of music is shunned by much of the L.A.…

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Memories Celebrates Fifteen Years in Uptown Whittier!

Memories Dancing in Whittier

I still remember dancing at the original Memories in Anaheim, where some of the best dancers in Orange County and all of LA would show up every week!  I can’t believe that was over fifteen years ago!  Memories is now in charming uptown Whittier and celebrated their crystal anniversary with a Black and White Gala featuring Phat Cat Swinger and Super Kitty and the Side Cats! See the article below from Stephen Astier describing the event, as well as some history of Memories – still one of the cornerstones of the LA/OC Swing dance scene! The 15th Anniversary Black and White Gala Join…

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Swing Dancing Ends at Soho Dance LA

Swing Dancing at Soho Dance LA

Soho Dance LA, the “largest dance studio in West Los Angeles”, has ended its monthly Sunday Swing dance nights. The event’s organizer, David Stockin, canceled all future Swing dance events on Facebook last Monday, July 11th after their last Swing dance event with Barbara Morrison, citing poor attendance. The dance studio featured an immaculate 3000 sq. foot floating dance floor and some of the best live bands in LA including Dave Stuckey and the Hot House Gang and Barbara Morrison. Since first offering Swing dancing in 2015, some nights at Soho were well-attended, but critical mass just wasn’t maintained unfortunately. Swing…

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Lindygroove’s Epic 15th Anniversary Dance Doesn’t Disappoint

Lindygroove 15th Anniversary

On Thursday, June 30th, 2016, Lindygroove celebrated its 15th anniversary with a huge dance featuring Jonathan Stout & his Campus Five featuring Hilary Alexander plus the Grand Slam Sextet. Lindygroove is the largest weekly Swing dance event in Southern California (and perhaps the entire Western United States), happening every Thursday night at the historic 1926 Masonic Hall in Pasadena. I got there early that night, because I knew it would be crowded. Folks who arrived later reported lines to get into the parking garage, and a long line to get in. After a few DJ’d songs, Lindygroove founder and organizer Lance…

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Bee’s Knees Speakeasy and Swing Dance

I have not been to this event, which usually takes place in south Orange County, but here’s a writeup from Alec Marken, host of the event: BEE’S KNEES SPEAKEASY & SWING DANCE featuring GOT THAT SWING!, hosted by the city of Mission Viejo!!! Made possible by the Mission Viejo Friends of the Arts The Bee’s Knees Speakeasy & Swing Dance is a LIVE BAND Swing dance with the theatrics of Alec Marken’s Prohibition Era ingredients! Please RSVP “GOING”, SHARE WIDELY, and INVITE YOUR SO-CAL CONTACTS! ALL AGES WELCOME Saturday 7/14/18 Beginner Swing dance lesson: 6:30pm Live music and…

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The Swing Dance Community Loses a Beloved Friend

Amy in New Orleans

On Sunday, May 1st, we lost Amy Denissen, a beloved member of the LA/OC Swing dance community. This is the statement her family posted on her Facebook page: This morning, Amy – our beautiful daughter, sister and friend – is at peace with her loved ones in heaven after a six year journey with ovarian cancer. Amy was full of gusto, passion, compassion and kindness. A committed teacher who cared deeply about her students, Amy was a public sociologist whose research and writing was focused on making this world a better and more just place. A fierce activist for social justice,…

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How We Got 10,000 People Interested in Our Swing Dance Event

Culver City Swing Dancing

Let me tell you a story of something insane that happened. In 2014, I started helping my friend, Fons, promote his monthly outdoor Swing dancing at the Third Street Promenade and Santa Monica Pier. Basically I would create a Facebook event and maybe post some photos. Sometimes we’d have a decent turnout of dancers, but attendance seemed to be dwindling. We’d be lucky to get ten dancers to show up. Someone on Facebook said that we should retire the event. The future of our outdoor Swing dance event was looking bleak. In November 2015, we decided to move the event…

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The Lindy Map

The Lindy Map

The map below shows the weekly swing dance events in the LA/OC area!  I’ve updated it but can’t guarantee I’ve included all venues.  Help me keep it updated and let me know if I’ve missed your favorite venue. Click on each pin to see details about the event. View LA Lindy Hop Map in a larger map

Clifton’s Cafeteria – A Menagerie of Delights

Clifton's Cafeteria

Clifton’s Cafeteria is a cafeteria, vintage bar, and kitschy “natural history museum” all rolled into one amazing multi-level building. It’s one of the last remaining vestiges of golden-age Los Angeles charm.

The Best 2016 New Year’s Eve Swing Dance Events in Los Angeles and Orange County

Disneyland Fireworks

FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE DEC 31, 2016, GO TO THIS PAGE!!! Here’s my annual rundown of the best New Year’s Eve Swing dance events in Los Angeles and Orange County on December 31st, 2015. People started asking me about this in November, so I guess it’s useful! I was kind of bummed to hear that Lindygroove is not having a New Year’s Eve event this year, especially when NYE falls on Thursday. Lindygroove has always been a relatively low-cost option for single dancers to go to… no partner required. Plus, you could walk out to Colorado Blvd. afterwards and see the crazies…

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Album Review: Dave Stuckey and the Hot House Gang’s “How’m I Doin’?!”

Dave Stuckey and the Hot House Gang CD

I finally got my hands on the long-awaited album from Dave Stuckey and the Hot House Gang, released on September 1st 2015! It’s called “How’m I Doin’?!” which sounds like something Dave would actually ask in the middle of a packed gig with sincere humility. The answer here is “great!” In case you are not familiar with them, Dave Stuckey and his band play up-tempo danceable tunes styled after Swing/jazz songs of the 30’s and 40’s. They are currently one of the most popular acts in the Southern California Swing dance scene, with a dedicated following of dancers that show up wherever they…

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